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Robben Island: visiting the island and the tour from Cape Town

This article explains the benefits and fun of visiting the Robben Island and all about the tour from Cape Town. Read it to know more about it!

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Robben Island

In this article, we will be explaining the joy of visiting Robben Island on a tour from Cape Town RIM as it now offers tours at 9:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m., 13:00 p.m., and 15:30 p.m. The ferries leave from the V&A Waterfront’s Nelson Mandela Entry point. However, the journey lasts approximately 3.5 hours. Such as the ferry ride to and from the island. Therefore users will depart at Murray’s Bay Harbour.


Thus on the Island’s east coast and walk a short distance to bus routes that would take them to most of the island’s historical sites. Furthermore, when users join the buses, they will be greeted by your Tour Guide. A Robben Island Tour Guide will lead the tour of the prison. Thus this seems to be part of our all-in-one tour concept. However, they are intimately familiar and competent about just the Island’s 500-year-old multi-layered history.

The tour route would include the leprosy cemetery, the Lemon Sand, and the grave. Also, this includes Robert Sobukwe’s mansion, the Sandstone quarry, air force, and navy bomb shelters. And indeed the High-Security Prison, which housed thousands of South Africa’s guerrilla fighters for decades. Therefore this same trip concludes with a visit to Nelson Mandela’s prison cell.


Educational experience on Robben Island on a tour from Cape Town


A committed Education Department is part of the Robben Island Museum Tour. Subsidized school tours are one of the organization’s many activities. Hence the above tours run Monday through Friday even during concession agreement. This is from the second of  May to 31 October. And yet leadership reserves the right to change them at any time. So Ferries break away from either the Nelson Mandela Gateway just at V & A Waterfront to move goods tourists to the island.

As a result, students may be transported on overall trip ferry services at various times among those vessels. Perhaps a dedicated ferry service, departing at a specific time, could be created. This teaching trip is aimed at students from elementary and secondary schools across the country. As a result, it’s intended to continue educating, enlightening and exposing the next generation.


Thus to areas of South Africa’s unique legacy as personified in the double historical past of Robben Island. So the educational trip tends to focus on instilling an awareness of, and involvement in, civil rights and growth. Perhaps it also offers deeper insights, experiences and knowledge of the Island than that of the overall tourist travel. So Visiting Robben Island on a Tour from Cape Town also has some educational benefits.

Nonetheless, the students will also have the option to visit the leper burial, the Limestone Quarries, Bob Sobukwe’s home. Also includes the Sandstone sand and gravel, the military and naval barracks. And the High-Security prison Centre, wherein hundreds of South Africa’s civil rights activists were imprisoned for years. So this tour concludes with a visit to Nelson Mandela’s prison cell. Wherever and whenever required, the trips are carried out in connection with school boards.


Visiting Robben Island on a tour from Cape Town


Private Tours, VIP Tours, and Protocol Tours are among the specialized Trips. So people or organized numbers can book private trips. As a result, VIP Tours were reserved for ‘known’ persons. So  Heads of State go on Formal Trips. Furthermore, those trips can be scheduled on any given weekday. So these tours go anywhere from 3.5 hours to nearly 8 hours. As a matter of fact Visiting, Robben Island on a Tour from Cape Town is a good experience on a special trip.

Therefore  Ferries depart as well from the Nelson Mandela Gateway somewhere at V & A Waterfront to bring tourists to the area. So groups may well be conveyed on boats that seem to be part of overall trips and then at the ships’ scheduled periods. Hence, a  specialized ferry service leaving at a specified time can also be organized. Therefore c certain tours, such as with the Protocol Trips, were conducted by plane.


Therefore, these trips include most of the island’s many historical locations, such as with the leper burial. Also involving the Lime Quarries, Bob Sobukwe’s residence, the Sandstone sand and gravel, army and naval bunkers. And the High-Security Jail, whose hundreds of South Africa’s liberty warriors have been imprisoned for decades. Hence the tour concludes with a visit to Nelson Mandela’s prison cell.

Other purposes of the Robben Island

Military roles, various defensive systems, and an airbase were all constructed in large numbers. But because the Khoi-Khoi natives have always been exiled. Perhaps a jail that took place here just for fighting European colonization, Robben Island is indeed an important factor of their history. So most importantly, he seemed fully informed about it in every area of Robben Island’s millennium history and provided neutral comments. Thus all through the tour, he held his audience’s attention and rendered the weighty subject attractive and applicable to all of us.


Finally, as you’ve seen, taking a trip to Robben Island first from the downtown area of Cape Town is rather simple. Thus spending quality time strolling around prisons and learning directly from ex-prisoners provides a true understanding as well as a sense of racial division in South Africa unlike everyone else. So this post has really been informative. However, we advise that you should also try and visit a township in Cape Town whether you’re searching for a more serious and interesting trip.