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SAA Voyager Credit Card: for exclusive services

SAA Voyager Premium Credit Card can give you exclusive services

SAA Voyager Premium Credit Card

SAA is an abbreviation of South African Airlines. It is one of South Africa’s flag carrier air services. SAA  came into being in 1934. South African Airlines have served the people of South Africa for years. In the last decade, SAA has faced some financial crisis due to which the flight operation was closed for 18 months. After some support from the Government, the airline was revived in September. Now it has restarted the flight operation and become the 2nd best African Airlines. It is providing the services of SAA Voyager Premium Credit Card.


SAA Voyager Premium Credit Card helps in all of the airlines’ journeys. SAA Credit Card assures every facility for its customers at any airport. This Card has an attachment with NEDBank. Therefore, it brings different discount policies and rewards for its users. You can enjoy free lounge access with this Voyager Premium Card. In addition, SAA gives the business class and economy class facilities to its customers. The word premium in the name is for all the premium features of the Card. It makes the airline journey safer and valuable for the travelers.

SAA Voyager Credit Card provides various travel benefits for its customers inside or outside of South Africa. The Cardholder has unlimited access to different SAA departure lounges. It also brings a superior check-in facility for all the customers. In addition, this credit card offers flight accommodation services and earns miles on every car hire. You can use this Card anywhere in the world. It is good to have this credit card to enjoy different destinations.


SAA Voyager Credit Card benefits


You will find different rewards and discounts as the Credit Card provides various offers containing them. You can also use this Card in buying tickets at Nu Metro to get 50 percent off for watching your favorite movies. If you pay through this Card, you will also get 50 percent off on Popcorn and Medium Cold drink combo. So, the Card provides you with a double dose of enjoyment. This Card has an auto-enrolment for the Reward program. Hence you do not need to do it.

If you have the SAA American Voyager Credit Card, you can get unlimited free miles faster. On Amex Card, you can get one Mile on eligible spend of 6 Rand and 10.50 on your mastercard. You can earn 10.000 bonus miles if you buy your first SAA ticket. If your spending amount per annum exceeds 300,000 Rand, then you will get 15,000 miles as a bonus. This Card provides different free tickets for its customers. The fee for card delivery is zero. There are no charges for additional cards.

SAA Voyager Credit Card

This Card offers you a continental companion ticket and a global companion ticket. The qualification for these tickets is your spending amount of 100,000 Rand and 200,000 Rand respectively. In addition, You can have an additional free companion ticket if you spend 1 Million Rand on your air expenses. The repayment method of the SAA Voyager Credit Card is flexible. You can also pay for your purchases as it has a budget facility. It provides the opportunity of 5% repayment on your outstanding balance.

Insurance facility of SAA Voyager Card

SAA Voyager Premium Credit Card has a changeable credit limit. This credit card is usable on any online store. You can pay through ATMs and overseas by using this credit card. You can also link this Card with different brands like Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Garmin Pay, and Fitbit Pay. Any cardholder can scan for paying with a QR Code with this Card. It has a service fee of 2040 Rand on an annual basis. The fee for a credit facility per month is 25 Rand. There are no charges on card swipe, but the Card replacement fee is 145 Rand.


SAA Voyager Premium Credit Card provides its customers with an insurance policy of up to 6 million Rand. For travel insurance, you will get a 20 percent discount on top-up. In addition, this insurance covers the entire accidental situations in your life. If you become disabled or facing any acute disease, this Card will help you. If you die, then this Card provides the insurance money to your successors. Thus, you will find help in any fatal condition.

Voyager Card features

SAA Voyager Premium Credit Card has some features to make it safer and more convenient. This Card provides you with a real-time SMS service for your transactions. This card has a chip and also has an attached pin facility to make it safer. You can have access to the money app through which you can manage your account. You can also close or freeze your credit card with this money app or by using cell phone banking.


How to apply

There are different criteria to fill in when applying for the SAA Voyager Credit card. The person who is applying for the Card should have a South African ID. The foreigners are also required to provide a passport or work permit. The residence proof for the person applying is necessary. He can provide an electricity bill or something else for proof but not more than three months old. The person who is applying needs to provide the latest bank payslips. A stamped statement from the Bank is also one of the requirements.

You can get this Card by adopting different channels. Anyone can apply for the SAA Voyager Credit Card in any of the NED Bank branches. So, you need to make an account on the money app or NED Bank online to apply. After making this account, you can apply for the Card online from here. The Bank also provides a call us the option for the application of Card. You will receive the card within days.

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