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SAA Voyager Gold Credit Card: all the details

Get all the details about the SAA Voyager Gold Credit Card

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SAA Voyager Gold Credit Card

Loyalty programs are fun! And when it comes to South African Airways Voyager, the fun is doubled with the SAA Voyager Gold Credit Card that is just a little more than the financial ease. As part of the loyalty program, the SAA issues credit cards to its loyal customers in collaboration with Nedbank. This card is full of financial benefits and other rewards that the customers can enjoy while traveling around the globe.


To get yourself the SAA Voyager Gold Credit Card, it is mandatory to be a Voyager Member as the card is an important component of the SAA Voyager’s loyalty campaigns. Nedbank issues two card options, the Gold Card and the Premium Card. There is a significant difference in the benefits and cost between the two cards, but with every purchase, you easily earn more SAA Voyager air Miles.


There is no transaction fee on purchases. Not many credit cards offer such a cool feature. With the gold card, you get an extra, supplementary card; this card helps you in earning the Voyager miles at a greater speed. Credits are interest-free for up to 55 days. This means that you can use the money you need and you have 55 days to return it without paying anything extra. The interest rates on credits are very competitive as compared to other credit cards.


You also get access to ATMs in the local banks as well as internationally. Moreover, there are foolproof features in the credit card to protect you from different kinds of online fraud and scams. You get timely alerts on your transactions. These notifications are free of cost for a transaction of over 500 Rand. You also get a monthly e-statement that you can access on any of your online devices.

SAA Voyager Gold Credit Card

After the relaunch of the SAA Voyager Gold Credit Card in 2012, there were many new features added to the card. For example, you can earn extra points for your spending in South Africa Airways partner companies. These include hotels, car rentals, tour agencies, retail shops, and real estate agencies. You also get to earn double points in the first 30 days of eligible spending made internationally and locally. Exclusions include cash transactions, buying checks, financial charges, and card fees.


Financial benefits of SAA Voyager Gold Credit Card


Receive a free supplementary card to speed up your SAA Voyager Miles earning rate and also get preferred rates on balance transfer. Two remarkable benefits of the SAA Voyager Gold Credit card are, getting interest-free credit for up to 55 days while paying no transaction fee on any purchase. The interest rates afterward are also very competitive with an added benefit of access to ATMs both locally as well as internationally (ATMs with Amex or Visa logos). Both locally and internationally, you receive protection against any fraudulent activity against your gold credit card.

Travel benefits and insurance

On international travel, the SAA Voyager Gold Credit Card covers travel insurance providing medical coverage of R4 million. For all eligible spending in the first month, you will earn double miles and access a fast earn rate. You are awarded 2500 extra miles as a bonus once you become a new SAA Voyager member. When the annual eligible spend threshold of R80,000 is reached, you instantly become eligible for one complimentary Continental Companion Ticket. You can also qualify for a complimentary Global Companion Ticket if you reach the spend threshold of R180,000.


Bonus exclusive benefit


American Express Selects is an online lifestyle portal offering special discount offers and with your Gold Credit Card, you get exclusive access to the online lifestyle portal of the American Express Selects. The portal offers some of the best deals and discounts in 57 countries. You also receive monthly electronic statements. Another bonus benefit is the ten thousand Bonus Miles that you get on your first ticket purchase with SAA, done with your SAA Voyager Credit Card. This is given to you upon the completion of the trip. You can treat yourself with flying tickets, spa treatments as well as car rentals.

SAA Voyager Gold Credit Card Eligibility

To get yourself an SAA Voyager Gold Credit Card, your age must be over 18 years. You must also be living in South Africa, and have a valid South African ID or a valid passport and work permit. You must have a decent credit card score with a monthly income of at least R6,600 before tax.  The application process is easy and the approval is subject to internal credit checks and other banking regulatory rules.


Documents needed for SAA Voyager Gold Credit Card

To apply for the Gold Credit Card, a valid passport or South African ID is necessary along with your work permit. You will also have to show your payslips for the latest 3 months; or stamped bank statements for the last 3 months. You will also be providing valid proof of residency; like an electricity bill that should not be older than 3 months. Pay attention to these requests to get your credit card as soon as possible.

‘Eligible spend’

Talking about eligible annual spend for the SAA Credit Card, there are a lot of things left to the imagination; which create ambiguity hence resulting in unnecessary complications. The term ‘Eligible Spend’ covers all local and international spend but what’s excluded? All spend excluding casino chips, cash withdrawals, purchasing fuel, tax of fee either by the service provider or the government; purchases of travelers’ cheques, premiums of insurance, and internet transfers.

Final Verdict about the SAA Voyager Gold Credit Card

If you are a frequent air traveler in and around South Africa, choosing SAA and benefiting from the Voyager Gold Credit Card is a great option for you. Not only do you get financial freedom with this card, but added security and a multitude of benefits and rewards as well; including interest-free credits for an extended period of time, insurances, and special discounts on many partner companies.

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