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Standard Bank Blue Credit Card: useful info

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Standard bank is one of the largest banks in South Africa. A dedicated credit card division is there in the bank for credit card provision to its customers. The division, known as BlueBean, is responsible for providing different credit cards that suit the varying needs of their customers. One of the cards from the standard bank that is high in demand these days is the Standard Bank Blue Credit Card.


Just like every other credit card, if you are a little prudent with your investment decisions, the standard bank credit card can be very beneficial for you. While credit cards provide convenience, emergency backup, rewards, interest rates, and many more benefits, it is important to know that senseless spending just because you have access to money can bring disastrous results.

How to get your Standard Bank Blue Credit Card


If you have access to the internet, you can apply for the Standard Bank Blue Credit Card online; by following a few simple steps. Most of the banks these days have provided credit card application facilities on their website; which has made the process simple and fast. To get your Blue Card, you have to sign in to the Standard Bank website; and sign up for your client profile. You will then have to fill a form where you provide your contact details. The BlueBean division will then call you back to fetch all the requirements and verifications.


Another, more conventional way is to visit a Stand Bank branch near you; the in-house staff will assist you with all the required steps. Before visiting a branch, make sure that you comply with the minimum requirements set by the bank. If you are 18 years or older and hold a valid ID/passport, and you have a full-time job, you are eligible to apply for a credit card in South Africa.

Standard Bank Blue Credit Card

Other requirements include providing the latest payslip and your bank statement for the past three months. The minimum per month salary should not be less than 7500 Rand. When you fulfill all the requirements set by the bank and submit the form, the bank then reviews your application; concerning the FICA requirements and also does credit checks before issuing a credit card to you.


Standard Bank Credit Card costs

You will have to pay 180 Rand as a credit card initiation fee. When you activate your card, a monthly fee of 40 Rand is applicable. The minimum repayment per month is 3%. You have the option to automate the repayment option so that you don’t have to do it manually. The interest-free payment is for 55 days. This means you will have to pay no interest if you pay your account dues in full within 55 days.

How to use your credit card


When you use a credit card, you borrow money from your bank to pay for your expenses. Each month, you will get your credit card statement that is payable within a set time limit. If you pay the amount in full, nothing is chargeable for your spending. But if you fail to return the full amount within the deadline, the bank’s interest will apply to the remaining amount.


Using the Blue Credit Card is the same as using any other credit card around the world.  You can swipe your card or enter your card details online to pay for something. The card details are checked and verified electronically within a few seconds. The payment is complete and you get a copy of the slip. If the card details are wrong or the card details are incorrect, you cannot proceed with the payment.


The Standard Bank credit card is powered by Mastercard. This card is Chip-n-Pin enabled which means once the card is swiped, you will have to enter your pin before proceeding with the payment. The added feature of entering a pin code before payment makes sure that your card is secured even if you lose it. With Mastercard, you can pay for your expenses in millions of POSs and merchants across the world.


Standard Bank Blue Credit Card Features

For secure online shopping, the blue credit card provides a 3D security feature. Tap to Pay is another feature that applies for payments up to 500 Rand. You can connect your credit card with Masterpass and SnapScan and pay for your shopping by your phone. Credit card management is easy and you can do it on your phone or any other device connected to the internet.

There is a dedicated app for the Standard Credit Card which helps in the better management of your card. You also get timely notifications and many different reports and alerts with the help of your app. For example, you can disable till-point, ATM withdrawal, or internet payment facility in a few taps. You can manage your credit card limits in a few taps too. In case of card loss, there is a feature for automatic card loss protection that enables you to protect your money without any hassle.

With the Standard Bank Credit Card Rewards System, you can earn reward points with every payment through your card. You can reimburse these points in many different ways including buying your favorite products. The security of your credit card is very simple, you can turn your card on or off with just a few taps. So you don’t have to worry about card loss or online card fraud.

There are mixed reviews online when it comes to customer assistance. Many customers seem to be complaining about unresponsive email service and confusing customer service online and over the phone. Except for the customer services, the clients seem to be satisfied overall with the blue credit card. And if you are a Standard Bank client, we encourage you to try the Blue credit card!

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