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Standard Bank Platinum Credit Card: apply for top benefits

Having the Standard Bank Platinum Credit means more access to benefits

Standard Bank Platinum Credit Card

Having a Standard Bank Platinum Credit means having more access to offers and benefits. Standard Bank Platinum credit card is one of the most popular credit cards in South Africa. This card enables its users to earn more reward points which have flexible redemptions. As a result, you can enjoy its multiple benefits and travel rewards. When the benefits of the Platinum Credit card are compared with other cards, then it is preferred. That’s why Platinum Credit cards are in demand.


Perks of Standard Bank Platinum Credit Card


Platinum credit cardholders always enjoy some extra perks. If you want to get the Platinum credit card, you should know more about its benefits than the downsides. Holders get access to Standard bank library, café, and Bidvest lounges. Thinking of traveling somewhere, having a Platinum Credit card offers you up to 20% discounts on Emirates and rides with Avis with a 15% discount. Ordered something online? Pay with 15% discounted rates. Similarly, always get a 10% discount whenever you spend R 300. Reward points may help you to get some additional discounts.

Why Standard Bank Platinum Credit Card?

Wanted to have a credit card with many benefits. There are platinum credit cards to choose from. Platinum credit cards usually come with some type of cashback or bonus cashback offered by the card issuer. The standard bank platinum card offers extraordinary benefits and offers. And it is considered one of the best and most popular credit cards in South Africa.


Insurance benefits


Whenever you travel somewhere, you will receive basic travel insurance. In case you are robbed and asked to withdraw cash, your loss will be covered. Special protection to keep information and data safe when you swipe a credit card. Additional measures on protection to ensure that loss must be covered after an unfortunate event. Use this credit card without any worries.

Travel benefits

Having a Platinum Credit card and getting travel benefits. How good it sounds. Yes! You will get a 20% discount on Emirates flights when you book your journey via Leisure Book. Not leaving you alone at the next airport, you will enjoy 15% off there when you book a car rental with Avis. Similarly, get 5% cashback when using your credit card. Last but not least, get 10% off on all types of luggage from the Gopals.


Lifestyle benefits


Platinum Credit Card helps you to improve your lifestyle. Either from online shopping to internet packages or from flower shops to Udemy courses. You will get bundles of discounts. Get a 15% discount when you purchase from the Wine of the Month Club. Enjoy amazing offers at ‘9 shopping villages in Europe’ when you use your Platinum Credit Card. Buy 1 Gb and get 11Gb free? Yes, just for R19, buy 1Gb of the internet at ‘AlwaysOn Wi-Fi’ and get 11Gb free. Similarly, have a 10% discount when shopping from ‘’. You will have a 10% discount you can get from ‘Pro Gifts.’

Being a platinum credit cardholder, you can earn ‘Account Rewards Points’ when using your credit card. These reward points will help you to get some additional discounts. At the gift experience, you will get 5% off your experience voucher. You can get up to 50% discounts on trending courses and 30% discounts on the courses offered by ‘Udemy.’ Isn’t it amazing?


Standard Bank Platinum Credit Card top features


Platinum credit card users can shop in many shops around the world. Wherever you are, you can scratch at any ATM and get your transactions done. The mobile application makes it handier. From your phone, you can easily manage your account. Check payments, transactions histories, and rewards just by flipping your fingers. Platinum credit cards and chip-and-pin-enabled.

It makes your online shopping quite secure by 3-D verifications. You can use your platinum credit card to buy all kinds of things online, including groceries, travel, electronics, cars, books, movies, and much more. Credit limit bothers credit cardholders, but Platinum Credit card allows you to change your credit limit. You are supposed to request your desired limit.


Standard Bank Platinum Credit Card fees and limits

Platinum Credit card offers a limit of R2500000. You can get 55 days of interest on your account. You have to pay R99 as a monthly fee, and R199 is the initiation fee and is paid only once. Also, if you opt for a Private Banking account, no monthly fee will be charged. Platinum users can request to increase their credit limits. An additional benefit will be there for you if you choose a 6-month budget plan for online shopping. Platinum Credit card offers special discounts on purchases and reward points as well for their users.

Eligibility Criteria for Platinum Credit Card

After getting this all, you are most likely to get a Premium Credit card. You can get your Premium credit card if you meet their requirements. Firstly, the applicant must be over 18 years old. Their monthly income should be at least R 58000 or more. Applicants require a bank statement of three months, a recent payslip, and the Latest evidence of your residence. Your South African ID copy is also needed, and in the case of the international applicant, your passport copy will work.

Standard Bank Platinum Credit Card application procedure

Application for Standard bank credit card application is quite straightforward. Everybody who falls on their requirements can get his credit card. Just follow these steps. Click on Apply Now. You will then be on a new page to fill in your personal information. Please fill them out and enter in the assessment to complete it. If you have done it at once, then finish it and click on the apply button. Otherwise, you can save it and do it later.


Platinum cards are great because they offer great discounts and rewards. They offer the best combination of benefits, but they also protect your purchase. If you are earning R58000 or more monthly income, then you can easily get Platinum Credit Card. The top features along with travel, insurance and lifestyle benefits offered by this credit card are fantastic.

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