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Standard Titanium Credit Card: a gift for you

Standard Titanium Credit Card provides different travel and lifestyles benefits

Standard Bank Titanium Credit Card

Standard Bank is South Africa’s biggest lender bank by assets and now they have the Standard Titanium Credit Card. It was founded in 1862. At the start, it was a subsidiary of British Standard Bank. Standard Bank of South Africa made its name in the business of diamonds as well as gold which was discovered in the previous century in South Africa. This bank is now expanded in other countries of the African continent. Standard Bank gives the South African public a gift in the form of a Titanium Credit Card.


Standard Titanium Credit Card is offering a pleasant lifestyle to the nation of South Africa. This credit card brings different services, offers, and rewards for its customers. You can purchase anything online from any website. Buying and transferring funds are made easy by this Titanium Credit Card. This Credit Card provides the students with basic living standards at very low charges. Titanium Credit Card has many benefits and features for the great nation of South Africa.

Travel Benefits of Standard Titanium Credit Card

Standard Titanium Credit Card provides its customers with different traveling benefits. When you book a ride with Avis, you can have a 15 percent discount. If any individual travels with Emirates flights, he can enjoy a 20% discount on every journey. With priceless cities’ offers, you can get different offers and rewards worldwide. When you use your credit card in booking something from, you can get up to a 5 percent discount. You can get a 10 percent discount on all soft and hard-shell luggage when you use this credit card on Gopals.


Lifestyle Benefits of Standard Titanium Credit Card


Standard Titanium Credit Card offers its users different lifestyle benefits. When you buy something from the wine of the Month Club online, you can get 15 percent off. Use this credit card anywhere in the world to get Ucount Reward Points on every purchase. If you want to do online courses with Udemy then this card will give you a discount. You can get from 30 to 50 percent off on different top trending and monthly courses. You can have a discount of 10% on every online purchase from A place to shop.

Standard Titanium Credit Card

This credit card gives you free Lingokids for two months. After these two months, you can get 30 percent off on any monthly subscription. If you shop at, you can have a 10 percent discount on every shop. You can also get 10 percent off on Pro Gifts. If you are having a Gift Experience voucher you can get a 5% discount on every shop. This card also provides the insurance facility to its customers.




This credit card is enabled with a verified pin and chip facility to increase the protection of your account. It provides its customers with 3-D security verification for safe and secure online shopping. This card can be used at millions of online stores and ATMs worldwide. You can pay up to 500 Rand in-store by tapping on PayTM. This card also provides the facility to pay from your cell phone. The customers need to link their card to Masterpass or SnapScan apps to pay using their phones.

Standard Titanium Credit Card is manageable by using your mobile phone or from any ATM facility. You can also manage it online or by in-app. This credit card also empowers people to activate or deactivate the till point. It means that you can control the functionality of ATMs or online Purchases online. It provides a single limit in straight facility and budget facility. The bank allowed its customers to change the credit limit any time you wanted to change it.


The maximum available credit on a credit card is equal to 250,000 Rand. It also provides a 3% monthly repayment on the outstanding balance. The service fee on a monthly basis is 74 Rand. It is also a notable thing that the once-off initiation fee is 180 Rand. This credit card gives personalized interest rates to its customers. The range of this rate is 7 to 18 percent (+14 Repo rate) and it is based on NCA regulations.

How to apply

When you choose a six months budget plan for the online and in-store purchases, you get a 0% interest rate on that payment. If you have a fully paid account, you can have 55 days of interest-free service on the Standard Titanium Credit Card. This card also provides an automatic monthly payment option which is 3% less than the usual method. If your account is bound with any prestige banking then you have no fee on a monthly basis. This card provides different types of discounts on every use.


It is an easy process. If you have an account in Standard Bank then you can apply online for a credit card. A call me back form is available online. You need to fill it out and the bank will reach you to verify your identity. After that, you can get your Standard Titanium Credit Card. The approval of the card is bound to the FICA requirements and credit checks.

In order to get a credit card without a bank account in the bank, you must be over 18. A South African ID is necessary for South Africans. If you came from abroad then you need to provide your passport to apply for the card. A payslip and a bank statement for the past 3 months are also a requirement for the application. You need to bring your residence proof with you which should not be more than 3 months older. You need to have at least a graduation degree or monthly income of 25,000 Rand to apply.

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