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WesBank Credit Card: get your own car

WesBank Credit Card helps you to get loans to own a card

WesBank Credit Card

WesBank is a business entity of First Rand Bank. It commercially provides the people of South Africa with the ability to buy their own vehicles. It is one of South Africa’s largest loan providers for cars. You can buy a car for you and your family if you have the WesBank Credit Card. Hence, WesBank brings the new vision of banking and marketing in supporting families to get their own vehicle.

Wesbank provides three types of cards for the people of South Africa. The first one is WesBank Standalone Petro Card. The second one is a Classic Credit Card, and the third one is a Gold Credit Card. Wesbank Credit Cards has many features and benefits for its customers. All these credit cards are financed and administered by First Rand Bank who also holds the authority on First National Bank.

WesBank Credit Card provides credit facilities to its customers. These Credit Cards are Visa Branded cards approved by Visa worldwide. The credit facility is also provided if you follow some terms and conditions. You must give the credit card back to the bank on demand. If you have any information recorded to any credit beaurex, you need to consent to WesBank. A credit facility is provided to you, and you are the only person who can use it.

WesBank Credit Card brings the facility of buying from inContact. It provides global insurance on traveling. You can use this credit card in any Global assistant services that support Visa cards. It also has the facility of Auto Payments for its customers. If you need roadside assistance services, you need to add a WesBank Petro card to your credit card collection. The free interest rates for up to 55 days are provided to the customers who hold any Wesbank credit card.

WesBank Credit features and benefits

You can get a link to various reward programs like eBucks. Through this program, you can earn one eB when you spend 10 Rand with 20 eb on 200 Rand per annum per account. You can get access to more than 3000 products online with this facility. It brings the budget facility for the customers when you spend more than 200 Rand in purchases. WesBank Credit Card provides the facility to pay your debt for 6 to 60 months. The monthly fee for the card is 23 Rand. The card initiation fee is 150 Rand on this card.

WesBank Credit Card

The top-up debt protection policy is the best opportunity the WesBank Credit card has for its customers. WesBank provides the services of debt protection during any person’s death. However, the premium amount is different for different plans. On Platinum and Gold Card, the Maximum specified amount is 88,000 and 75,000 Rand, respectively, and premium is 5/1000 Rand. On Classic and Petro Card, the Maximum specified amount is 48,000 and 9,000 Rand, respectively, and premium is 6/1000 Rand.

WesBank Petro Credit Card has the facility to get any assistance in road travel. You can get different vehicle products in case of any roadside emergency. Even the petro cardholder has the option to get some fuel if they are short on fuel. In addition, Clients have the opportunity to pay these charges as a monthly bill. A Petro card helps you and your facility to spend on any roadside facility. To get a car, it provides a loan facility to you.

WesBank credit security

The WesBank Credit card has pin security which you can change anytime from any FNB Atm. If the bank reissues any card to you, you can still access it using your previous pin. You can change this pin for the reissued card on the FNB ATM facility. A credit card facility is acceptable for any legal transaction but not available for illegal or gambling transactions. If you want to buy online products, then you have two options. Either you need to apply for a pin, or you must fill out a transaction voucher. You are investigated about credit card usage by the bank during performing transactions, which brings safety.

Travel insurance

This offer applies only to South African citizens. Your age must be 18-70 if you want to get this facility. For customers in age 71-85, WesBank Credit Card also has a different insurance policy. The benefits available are acceptable for only the first 90 days of your journey. This insurance helps the customers in any medical emergency, accidental situation, or death of a cardholder. In the event of death, WesBank credit cardholders also get an amount equal to their premium.

How to apply

The application process for WesBank credit card is simple. Your age must be over 18 for getting this card. To get the WesBank credit card, you have to provide the three monthly payslips. The person who wants to apply should have a permanent resident of South Africa, and he needs to give the details. It is worth noting that the residence information is not more than three months old. A jobholder person has to provide the latest payslip.

For the application, you need to come to WesBank and fill up the form. The bank will give you access to the card in the near future. You can also apply online for the WesBank Credit Card. WesBank Credit Card application submission is a simple method. You need to log in to your account using your bank credentials. You have to fill the application according to your details and click on the apply button to get the card. It is also available for the WesBank account holders.

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