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Woolworths Silver Credit Card: how to apply

Learn how to apply for Woolworths Silver Credit Card

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Woolworths Silver Credit Card

Do you know about the Woolworths Silver Credit Card – How to Apply? This card is for everyone. Especially if they really want to earn cashback through monthly rewards. And thus have access to an amazing loyalty card. Therefore if you’re seeking a big understanding of various financial arrangements, this Woolies promotion is ideal. So, the credit card is made to fit in with your way of life. Continue reading to learn a little more about credit cards as well as how to apply for just one.


The Woolworth credit card offers easy repayment options. And experts think it’s a great deal all around. However, the Woolworths Silver Credit Card has been created to fit your needs. Thus we’ll look at the offer, the advantages, and the entry requirements around each other. But before making a selection, it is indeed a good idea to research the business. Now let’s discuss the features and benefits of the card.

Woolworths Silver Credit Card features and benefits

Another of the finest features of owning a Woolworths Silver Credit Card, which is powered by Visa. Thus is the ability to withdraw cash from any Visa-enabled ATM. Users can get cash whenever they need it, no matter where they are in the universe. Users are secured from illegal use of their credit card using Lost Card Security and Complete Balancing Guard, giving them the peace of mind that they need. A further benefit of the card is the ability to receive cashback through vouchers.


So for one thing, the WRewards program gives customers 1% back in the form of periodic tokens. Hence this benefit applies to all Woolworth’s transactions. Thus with the exception of Woolies Engen garage. So users of the credit card will receive 0.5 percent back in WRewards biannual coupons for items purchased outside from Woolworths. So users may receive an addition to 1% back on only their own gas purchases.

Thus if they pay with their credit card. Therefore, customers may use their coupons to earn discounts on certain things. And also get early access to great activities and more. This credit card has many benefits, that is why many card users are making the choice. Thus Woolworths is proud to offer customers the option of selecting the desired payback time. Purchases of R300 or more can be spread out over a period of six to sixty months.


How to apply for the Woolworths Silver Credit Card


It is indeed straightforward to apply for a Woolworths Silver Credit Card. However, the simplest method to do so is to look for information mostly on Woolworth’s webpage. As a result, interested customers must be 18 or older. The interested user must have a monthly salary of approximately R2,000, and a bank statement to be qualified. Furthermore, users must have been South African citizens with just a valid South African ID.

Woolworths Silver Credit Card

It’s also necessary to provide contact details. Work and bank details, a legal ID, and evidence of bills are among the credentials that must be prepared before going to the registration. So if their registration is granted, users will be awarded a credit limit that varies based on their eligibility, beginning at a minimum of R300. It is a great credit card indeed!


The Woolworths Silver Credit Card Charges


Furthermore, the Woolworths Silver Credit Card has no yearly fees. This is applied to both direct and indirect cardholders. But always keep in mind that somehow this card has an interest rate of approximately 21%. However additional expenses to examine when acquiring this card are money transfer fees. Thus these fees actually vary from R18.90 to R54. And a bank transaction cost of about R4 is applied to the transfers. Yet it also includes a balance inquiry fee varying between R1.14 and R3.80.

However, this inquiry fee actually depends on the credit card users’ withdrawal options. Therefore always know that the Woolworths Silver Credit Card is the best pick. Thus if the cardholder wants to get their hands on a variety of benefits and various financing options. From our team of experts, we think that now would be the time to apply and also get these amazing benefits!


Woolworths Credit Card Extras

Maybe once every week, the Woolworths credit card gets 10% off your food shopping. Thus if the credit card user has a Woolworths Credit Card, then users can get 10% off. This benefit is mainly on every shopping made at Woolworths maybe once every month. Thus this is a way of saving customers up to $50. However, Woolworth’s orders do not include Tasmania shops or Everyday Market.

However, the sum of  $500 is the maximum buying amount. Woolworths Insurance is offering a 10% discount to credit card users. However, Woolworths Insurance offers up to 10% off on specific areas. Thus this includes residential homes, vehicles, tenants, animals, and complete traveling insurance. But bear in mind that life and funeral insurance are not included in this offer. 

Paying in stores With the Woolworth Credit Card

Apple Pay is indeed a better and more efficient means of making payments. Thus this is better effective with an iPhone and Apple Watch at shops. You can make use of the online purchase platform by using the gadgets you carry with you everyday. Users would need to double-click the home button, take a quick glimpse at your screen. Also and then place the iPhone close to the sensor. Then for users to make use of the Touch ID. Then they will need to place their iPhone near the sensor and press the Touch ID button. Easy way to use your credit card.


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