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Discovery Gold Credit Card unraveled for you!

Discovery Gold Credit Card has an unique approach and great features.

Discovery Gold Credit Card

Discovery Bank is an authorized financial service and registered credit card provider based in South Africa. This shared value bank offers not only an easier and reliable transactional means for its users but also brings forth an eco-friendly convenience to make billings more pleasant. Furthermore, Discovery Bank, through its shared Discovery Gold Credit Card, value insurance model, and unique approach features both virtual and de facto means of credit card billing. 

Being quite distinctive in their stance, the smart banking features offer all the banking benefits along with fantastic rewards through a mixed transactional compilation called the Discovery Bank Gold Collection. So, if you are looking to choose between a transaction or a credit card, you will have your options open. Above all, you also get the premier option to select a full banking suite and take the advantage of the power of both along with an unlimited free savings account. 

Discovery Bank Gold Collection

With this assemblage of unique features, specially designed to keep the customers hooked with all the benefits, you can enhance your daily banking with the Discovery Gold Credit Card. What makes it special is that your worthy bank behavior can help you to unlock various banking values and rewards as you go along the way of your personal and business financial management.

Features of the Discovery Gold Credit Card

The credit card features an unlimited number of free savings accounts with built-in transactional capabilities. However, the new users are offered up to 55 days of interest-free credit on select credit card transactions. After that, you can control your banking fees by either choosing to pay individually as you transact on the spot; or opt for a monthly transactional bundle fee, thus, making banking convenient and user-friendly. 

Your Discovery Gold Credit Card features Vitality Money, which estimates how well you control and manage your finances. The better you show your performance, the enhanced your Vitality Money status goes; as a result, you get to unlock a personalized shared-value bundle of winnings and awards. These rewards include dynamic interest rates, dynamic lifestyle awards, vitality active rewards, and many more. 

Through each reward on your credit card, you get to enjoy exclusive benefits. You can earn a higher interest rate on your savings accounts; and even get to pay less on your credit through the positive balance of your credit card. Further, your higher status can get you up to 10% Cashback on Uber rides and fuel; along with 40% Cashback on HealthyFood, ensuring your lifestyle needs are taken care of. That’s not all to the Lifestyle Rewards.

Discovery Gold Credit Card

Your credit card can even get you exclusive pre-booking access to selective premier events and shows; about 48 hours before anyone else. All of these dynamic lifestyle benefits can be retained through your Vitality Money status. Another added bonus to the credit card is the opportunity of free travel insurance on international flight tickets; that you purchased using your Discovery Gold Credit Card along with 15% back on travel! This highlights that Discovery Bank not only offers you a credit card, but also a long-term enhanced package with multiple personalized benefits. 

Banking Benefits with Discovery Gold Credit Card

Your Discovery Gold Credit Card along with your savings account has built-in savings features; that give its users access to pay their salary into it and set up or stop debit orders. This one credit card does it all along with allowing you to make real-time and digital payments; through your credit card account. Moreover, you can add secondary cards or customize your credit card balances, limits, and account with ease.

What makes it even more accessible is the Smart Search on the banking app that helps you to keep track of all your transactions through a single service. However, you can search, filter, create or download a custom transaction list personalized for you within minutes. Another enhanced benefit is Health Pay, which allows its users to link and connect their Discovery Bank Gold Credit Card with their Discovery Health Medical Scheme membership.

This added benefit allows you to straight away settle all your medical bills; at hospitals, various pharmacies such as Clicks and Dis-Chem, and also medical service providers. These co-payments include billing for scans, X-rays, blood tests as well as hospital costs. The Gold Credit Card also aids its customers through Discovery Pay, which allows you to pay your contacts with a Discovery Bank account by using just their mobile numbers. Other value benefits include allowing on-the-go payments with digital wallets.

Security Features of the Virtual Credit Card

Discovery Bank serves as one of the most secure banking services in South Africa. As soon as you join hands with the service, you can begin using your virtual credit card instantly; and enjoy its extra security and guaranteed reliability with convenience. The credit card, verified by Visa and Visa Checkout, offers extra insurance. So, clients can feel secure when making online purchases; or when linking it with their favored device to use at tap-and-go pay points. Gold Credit Card users also get to enjoy free monthly account statements and transaction notifications. 

Global Attributes of the Gold Credit Card

As some of the top global payment card networks, the Discovery Gold Credit Card is globally acceptable, allowing its user to make purchases worldwide. The credit card also provides withdrawals from all Visa-accepting ATMs, thus, making it favorable for worldwide users. POS transactions and the atm withdraws, all come at a nominal price; without making too many holes in your pockets!

As always, the Gold credit card has a lot more to offer when it comes to global features and travel. It has you covered for lost or damaged luggage during travel; along with insurance for emergency shifting to the nearest medical center for treatment. Another bonus feature allows you to make trip cancellations or trip repayment; for non-refundable payments provided that there is an unforeseen emergency. 

Final Verdict

There is nothing about the Gold Credit Card that does not seem plausible. Extra security, multiple benefits, and extravagant rewards; all comes down to being one of the most personalized and customizable credit cards one could come across in South Africa. If you are a resident of South Africa and planning to have used a credit card, Discovery Gold Credit Card is a must-try!