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10 celebrities that insured their bodies

If you are curious to know the 10 celebrities who insured their buttocks, check out this article. Here, we tell you all the details!


8. Rihanna

Rihanna is a singing diva who has been blessed with a beautiful voice and amazing long legs. She also knows how to flaunt them in style while performing. Rihanna is very controversial, but also very charitable and involved with volunteer causes. So it’s even strange to know that she took out insurance for her own legs.


But, she did. The singer’s legs are insured for U$ 1 million. She hasn’t secured her butt with an insurance policy yet, but since more and more states are opting for butt insurance, there’s no wonder we might see Rihanna opting for a butt insurance plan very soon. As a person who works with the body as a singer, model and performer, it makes sense. Or not?

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