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10 celebrities that insured their bodies

If you are curious to know the 10 celebrities who insured their buttocks, check out this article. Here, we tell you all the details!


4. Nathy Kihara

This star might need a little introduction to the global audience but that doesn’t mean she is not famous. Nathy Kihara is the Miss Bumbum 2021. Miss Bumbum is a globally acclaimed event organized in Brazil, where models compete to see who has the best butt, in many aspects.


After winning the award in 2021, Nathy was very prudent in her financial choices. She decided to use her prize money to buy an insurance policy that protects her butts. The model’s butt insurance policy is worth £ 1.3 million. According to her statements, having an insurance policy on her butt not only gives her safety but also encourages her to do more hard work on maintaining her butt.

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