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10 celebrities that insured their bodies

If you are curious to know the 10 celebrities who insured their buttocks, check out this article. Here, we tell you all the details!


5. John Abraham

You may not know this actor, but John Abraham is known to millions of people. The Bollywood superstar is sought after for his killer abs and strong arms and chest. But after his movie Dostana, co-star Abhishek Bachan, the demand for his butt has increased immensely. Everyone wants to see it, touch it, and every movie wants it to appear.


Furthermore, the actor knows quite well how to cash in his popularity. Recently, John has been found talking about seeking an insurance policy for his butt. He says he is looking for INR 100 Million, which is around U$ 1,3 million. This a gigantic amount given the insurance market in India.

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